The Delta Upsilon chapter at the University of Rochester strongly supports philanthropic events both on and off campus. By actively participating in philanthropy, brothers of Delta Upsilon are able to uphold the founding principles of the fraternity.

Habitat for Humanity


The Rochester Chapter supports the local Habitat for Humanity charity through countless efforts. Two of the largest events that Delta Upsilon sponsors at the University of Rochester are Homeless for Homeless and Shack-a-thon. The former has been an annual tradition for decades and occurs during the month of February. For 48 hours straight, our brothers camp out on the porch of Wilson Commons and solicit donations for Habitat for Humanity. In 2011, we raised over $1,100. Thank you to everyone who contributed! Started during the 2011-2012 academic year, Shack-a-thon is a new tradition on the Rochester campus. However, this event sponsored by URs Habitat for Humanity club and Delta Upsilon was a huge success in its first year and earned nearly $1,000 through donations. Our chapter looks forward to being a part of this new tradition for years to come. 

Electronic Recycling Event


Every year Delta Upsilon participates in the local electronics recycling event. Held near the Southside apartments on campus, people from all around the community are given the opportunity to donate used electronics. Brothers work side by side with other volunteers to unload, sort, and package the materials so they can be recycled and reused for later use.


Other Philanthropy and Volunteering


The Rochester Chapter of Delta Upsilon is constantly finding ways to improve the community and the University of Rochester campus. Philanthropy is one of the most important aspects of Delta Upsilon and is not limited to the events listed. Every month, brothers participate in campus events involving charity as well as organizations that would like our support. By supporting philanthropy, brothers are able to support and promote the fraternity's four founding principles with the leaders of tomorrow.


Delta Upsilon Rochester welcomes any and all opportunities to engage in philanthropy and community service. If you are looking for assistance with your philanthropy and are in need of volunteers, please contact our Vice President of Academic Excellence, Sam Hirth, at