Stress Relief Week


       As college students face assignments, papers, exams, numerous deadlines, many experiences great deals of stress, which if left unresolved, can lead to mental illness. April is National Stress Awareness Month and in honor of such the brothers of Delta Upsilon host Stress Relief Week, a three-day event to teach individuals how to cope with and resolve stress. By partnering with student groups and faculty, we are able to provide students with various constructive methods to deal with anxiety!


Jackson Court Programs


       As a member of Jackson Court’s Special Interest Housing (SIH), Delta Upsilon is proud to put on two semesterly programs to engage the residents of Jackson Court in order to bridge the gap between Greek life and non-affiliated students. By putting on programs our brothers are able to get to know their fellow residents outside of an academic setting! Programs vary depending on the season, but mostly include free food and activities!

Guest Lectures by Professors


       With such a diverse number of professors dedicated to the education of the student body, there is much to be learned of them outside of the classroom. Delta Upsilon frequently seeks professors willing to devote their free time to speak of their fields. Having hosted topics such as The Forbidden Fruit: Sex and Rock Music and A Discussion on Friendship and Social Life, Delta Upsilon looks forward to finding new and exciting ways to engage professors with students outside of academia.

Gifts for Golisano


       With the holiday season right around the corner in the November and December months, not all children have the opportunity to spend the holidays at home with family. The brothers of Delta Upsilon table on campus during the winter to encourage students to write heartwarming cards and to make donations to purchase gifts for the children of Golisano Children’s Hospital. The real meaning of the holiday season comes to form when hospitalized children light up with joy upon realizing that the warm feelings of home can be brought to them.